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Yet as to date, OS X still seems to be the fore-most advantage of Mac computers, which otherwise use commonly available components now.
Thought legally bound exclusively to these products, a software-based distros like MultiBeast utility from TonyMacX86 can disolve limitations given by pre-defined computer builds of the single manufacturer.
That general brand-factor price has been estimated to be >2 and purpose-tailored build can further elevates this user’s price/value ratio >3 with respect to original brand-build computer price, if exists.

Brand factor

Apple iMac: iMac 27″ 5K 2017

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600 MHz
  • GPU: AMD Radeon R9 M395
  • SSHD: 2TB
  • Display: 27″ 5K

Current price: 90.990 Kč

Estimated component price equivalent: CPU: 7.480 Kč + RAM: 6.999 Kč + GPU/3: 3.000 Kč + SSHD: 2.399 Kč + MB: 2.168 Kč + PSU: 1.369 Kč + Case: 1.999 Kč + Display: 13.989 Kč = 41.553 Kč

Brand factor = 90.990 Kč / 41.553 Kč = 2.22

Hackintosh: Example build based on compatibility guide from tonymacx86

Current price: 53.355 Kč + 8.200 Kč (display) = 61.555 Kč


Another custom build examples:

  • Universal mid-range FHD: Core i5 8600K, GTX 1060 6GB, Bitfinex Phenom, Samsung S24F350: 36.300 Kč + 2.700 (display) Kč = 39.000 Kč (incl. FHD display) = 40% of the iMac price, having gaming ability
  • Workstation i7: Core i7 8700K + IGP = 30.500 Kč (w/o display) = 1/3 of the iMac price
  • Workstation i5: Core i5 8600K + IGP = 27.800 Kč (w/o display)

4K – FHD gaming Hackintosh: 52.700 – 39.000 = 13.700 Kč



  • Apple iMac: Core i7 7700K: deep blue
  • mid-range Hackintosh: Core i5 8600K OC
  • Hackintosh example: Core i7 8700K OC


  • Apple iMac: R9 M395: blue
  • mid-range Hackintosh: GTX 1060
  • Hackintosh example: GTX 1080

Additional general upsides:

  • Modularity
  • Easy maintability
  • Upgradability
  • Proper gaming ability


  • Slightly lower display resolution


The estimated value of iMac’s components seems to be more than 2x less expensive than the actual price tag of the final product in conservative appraisal – presenting so the importance of brand value.
Hereby present custom build of hackintosh made from top-tier components currently available (incl. the most powerfull graphic card) cost around 2/3 of the given iMac version, while providing markedly better performance profile and gaming ability.
Both another examples of i7 Worstation with Samsung 28″ 4K for multi-media processing and budget i5 Workstation with high-quality 4K display for image processing have performance effeciently factor >3 as compared to 91.000 Kč less powerfull iMac in these fields.
Moreover, iMac seems to use 2 generations depreciated storage technology now (hybrid vs. NVMe), generally considered as system’s bottleneck and important for large media file manipulation.
Probably due to it’s limited cooling system and space possibilities, all iMac’s integrated GPUs can top no better than 3x below dedicated GTX 1060 graphic card which has just enough power for playing most games with reasonable settings in FullHD.
As conspicuous, thanks to it’s modularity, Custom Mac can be purpose-tailored with convenient maintainability and upgradability which further increases it’s money/value ratio over time.

Bottom line

For home purpose, hackintosh seems to be a reasonable way to head down, and the only way where OS X and proper gaming ability is required at the same time.




  • — GPU
  • // R9 M395X
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