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Bulletproof coffee ++


  • Brewed coffee (french press, filtered)
  • Butter
  • C8 (Brain octane oil)

L1 upgrade:

  • XCT (80% C8 + 20% C6) provides more fluent transition
  • Coconut oil + Ghee for taste and readily available butyric acid
  • (Cocoa butter)

L2 upgrade:

  • A piece of Peruan cocoa mass
  • Stevia powder
  • Coconut milk

For 0.43L whole-day vacuum flask I usually use about:

12g ground coffee, 20g of grass-fed butter, 1tbsp XCT, 1tsp C.oil, 1tsp Ghee, 1 piece of cocoa mass, a proportional amount of Stevia – all that put into a smoothie blender to form a thick foam.

Inspiration and references:



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