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Fatty acids hierarchy

Level 1

  • Lard
  • Olive oil
  • Butter – rich source of butyric acid
  • PUFA – best those animal, high in n-3 – EPA, DHA

Level 2

  • Coconut oil – rich in MCTs
  • Ghee – the richest known source of butyric acid (precursor to bHB)
  • MCT oil – C6+C8+C10+C12

Level 3

  • XTC oil – C8 + C10

Level 4

  • C8 (Caprylic acid)



Lauric acid (C12) is recognized as MCT by the US government, but more likely as LCT by biochemistry. EU legislative differs, so in EU countries MCT=XTC in the US. This is the most abundant triglyceride in coconut oil (and thus in MCT oil in US).

MCT food sources composition:


C8 and C10 food sources:




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